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Management Information System - term used to describe student information management systems like Profiler. Other examples in our field include PICS, Unit-e (Capita) and EBS (Tribal). More details available on the C&G website


Found in Profiler
An individual responsible for supporting a student in completing their apprenticeship. A key part of this role is to ensure evidence is provided (normally by the learner) to demonstrate that a learner has met all their learning requirements.

Learning programme

Found in Profiler
A term given to the collection of Learning Aims (see above) that a learner must complete to achieve success in their Apprenticeship. The Learning Programme is what learners are enrolled onto. In Profiler this is also referred to as a “Programme Template”.

Learning aim

Found in Profiler
The individual components that make up the learning programme of an apprentice. These are likely to include Functional Skills, an NVQ, a Certificate (under the Qualifications and Credit Framework), Reviews and Introduction.

In Learning Assistant the individual components are called “Courses” and in Profiler they can also be referred to as “Qualifications”.

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It’s important to stay on top of assessment to prove a successful and productive apprenticeship programme. PIVOT provides a report that helps you see how all of your team are managing learners.

Quick guide

After logging in, choose the REPORTS menu and you’ll see new options on the left hand side of the screen. Select Assessment Monitoring.

About these reports

The on-screen Assessment Monitoring report lists aim statistics for the learner’s programme. We provide year-to-date figures for all learners. The figures under the Aim analysis heading show the total number of units within the programme, how many units the learner has started, finished, on target, ahead of target and behind target.

You can directly access the learner’s Assessment Tracker by clicking on the learner’s Name.

assessment monitoring report


  • Employer
  • Assessor
  • Scheme
  • Course Title
  • Dates
  • Status


The report can be published in a PDF or XLS format.

assessment monitoring output

Frequently asked questions

Ofsted monitor the delivery of apprenticeship programmes and as part of this, they need to see that your learners are being guided through their programmes with effective assessment.

On-the-job training and assessment: working for the employer generates assessment evidence; formal and informal training; placements within and outside the company to obtain experience and assessment evidence; mentoring by colleagues; attendance at trade shows; visits, participation in competitions, and manufacturer training. May include learning support visits. Work-based assessment may involve staff from the provider and/or employer as assessors; extra evidence by witness testimonies and work products.

Off-the-job training and assessment: includes teaching of theory, key skills and sometimes practical training, with assessment and preparation for external testing. May include industry visits, competitions, and manufacturer training. May also include regular day release, block release, special training days/workshops or may all be delivered on employer premises. May include learning support individually or in groups. Internal verification helps assure quality of assessment, both on- and off-the-job.