PIVOT diagnosis tools

Terminology guide


Management Information System - term used to describe student information management systems like Profiler. Other examples in our field include PICS, Unit-e (Capita) and EBS (Tribal). More details available on the C&G website


Found in Profiler
An individual responsible for supporting a student in completing their apprenticeship. A key part of this role is to ensure evidence is provided (normally by the learner) to demonstrate that a learner has met all their learning requirements.


Found in Profiler and Learning Assistant
Sometimes referred to as an IV (Internal Verifier), these staff members check (via sampling) that the evidence sign off judgements made by assessors are accurate and adhere to the necessary standards.


Found in Totara
A course page in Totara, used to allow a learner to view training material and submit evidence for a Task within a qualification

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The dashboard (dashboard.cgkpivot.com) is a support tool for managing PIVOT implementations. It is currently set up to report on Totara health but in the future we are looking to include health on Profiler and Learning Assistant also. The key areas for checking are:

  • System Health – This area gives a current health snapshot of the PIVOT client sites. You can filter the sites and when you have chosen the one to check, you can mouse over the Health to see the current state. This is divided up into particular areas, which depending on the area will need a Solution Architect, Developer or someone in Client Services to fix if issues are shown.
  • Queue Reader (Query/Queues) – The queue reader provides insight into the state of jobs on client sites. The Soap queue and Sync queue are the areas to focus on for now. Each of these queues shows the total number of jobs (left), total number of locked jobs (middle), and total number of failing jobs (right). Failed and locked jobs which remain across a few snapshots are the ones to check out, the odd spike will likely resolve itself but real issues persist across snapshots. You can view data about these specific jobs and can click onto the transaction to go into Kibana. In here you can view results for the current query and run further queries and change options as required to further diagnose the issue.


The following tools are available in Totara, accessed via the Site administration/MQS/MQS Integration Tools link in the Administration block.

Synchronisation Tools

Tools for keeping Totara in sync with other PIVOT systems

  • Upload LA Qualification Structure (XML) – This tool is to upload the XML extract from the corresponding Learning Assistant site, to set up or update the qualification structure in Totara.
  • Diff LA / Totara Qualification Structure (XML) – This tool is incorporated into the tool above but can also be used independently. It is used to find out the differences between the qualification structure in Learning Assistant and Totara by uploading an LA extract to compare with the current view in Totara.

Interactive Services

The following services can be executed directly against the LA instance. THEY SHOULD BE USED WITH CAUTION.

  • Get User Qualification Progess – This tool is to get the progress for a particular component for a user. You can start typing the user’s name which will automatically load their UUID and their qualifications then you can then select one to process the progress against.
  • Synchronise User Qualification Structure – This tool is to synchronise the qualification structure for a learner so that their structure in Totara matches their set up in LA. You can start typing the user’s name which will load their UUID then you can run the process.
  • Synchronise User Task Evidence – You can use this tool to search for a particular learner, qualification and task and it will show the status of the task and evidence in that task. You can use the data shown here along with data from the Dashboard to diagnose issues with learners’ evidence.

Integrity Reports

The following reports detail any potential issues with aspects of the client’s Totara.

  • Cron Integrity Report – This report shows each cron that needs to run for PIVOT Totara to function, when it was last executed and the time since the last execution.
  • Course Integrity Report – This report shows any configuration errors in the course (task) set up which need to be rectified.


Any other PIVOT related tools

  • Reset the Totara to PIVOT default – THIS TOOL SHOULD NOT BE USED.

Learning Assistant

Prior to the Dashboard incorporating the Learning Assistant web service logs you can view them in Learning Assistant. These can be used when diagnosing an issue such as if a learner is showing in LA but not in Totara.

If you append /qms_ui/ e.g. https://eportfolio.cgkpivot.com/qms_ui/ to the URL when in a client’s Learning Assistant site then you can view them. You can search for a user and it will show any errors associated with them.

There is a 5 time automated retry limit and then after that the job will need to be manually re-queued. MANUAL RE-QUEUEING SHOULD ONLY BE DONE WHEN THE ERRORS HAVE BEEN RESOLVED AND JOBS NEED TO BE RE-QUEUED IN THE RIGHT ORDER.