Setting due dates for a learner

Terminology guide


Found in Profiler
An individual responsible for supporting a student in completing their apprenticeship. A key part of this role is to ensure evidence is provided (normally by the learner) to demonstrate that a learner has met all their learning requirements.


Found in Profiler and Learning Assistant
Sometimes referred to as an IV (Internal Verifier), these staff members check (via sampling) that the evidence sign off judgements made by assessors are accurate and adhere to the necessary standards.

Learning aim

Found in Profiler
The individual components that make up the learning programme of an apprentice. These are likely to include Functional Skills, an NVQ, a Certificate (under the Qualifications and Credit Framework), Reviews and Introduction.

In Learning Assistant the individual components are called “Courses” and in Profiler they can also be referred to as “Qualifications”.


Found in Learning Assistant
See "Learning Aim".

Learning programme

Found in Profiler
A term given to the collection of Learning Aims (see above) that a learner must complete to achieve success in their Apprenticeship. The Learning Programme is what learners are enrolled onto. In Profiler this is also referred to as a “Programme Template”.

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How do I find the learners that I assess?

When you first log in to Learning Assistant you will be greeted with the home page dashboard. Within here you can see an overview of activity carried out within the system.

  1. The top menu bar gives you the options that are available to you. Select the Candidates option to access the Candidates area.
  2. You can search for learners in a variety of ways (by course or company or by hitting the search button, which will give you a full list of your learners to assess). The most effective is searching by learner name. Start typing in the name and you will get a list of potential matches then select search.
  3. All of the learner’s courses and qualifications can be seen in one list, if they have been allocated to you as their assessor or verifier. Click on the learners name in the qualification you want to review. This will then take you to the course folder.
  4. The course folder for the skills qualification is made up of two different types of units:
    1. Certification units
    2. Task units. The task units are there to hold the evidence the learner submits within PIVOT.

How do I set due dates for a learner?

You can add target dates to task units when you plan them with the learner. The learner will then see these dates within PIVOT so can focus on working towards the task deadlines you have set together.

  1. To do this select the task unit name.
  2. Select the calendar icon next to the Deadline.
  3. Choose the date in the Unit Deadline box and select Save.
  4. This will set the date for each of the tasks in the task unit. If you return to the Course folder you will see them set up.