Using the message centre and contact diary

Terminology guide


Found in Profiler
An individual responsible for supporting a student in completing their apprenticeship. A key part of this role is to ensure evidence is provided (normally by the learner) to demonstrate that a learner has met all their learning requirements.


Found in Profiler and Learning Assistant
Sometimes referred to as an IV (Internal Verifier), these staff members check (via sampling) that the evidence sign off judgements made by assessors are accurate and adhere to the necessary standards.

Learning aim

Found in Profiler
The individual components that make up the learning programme of an apprentice. These are likely to include Functional Skills, an NVQ, a Certificate (under the Qualifications and Credit Framework), Reviews and Introduction.

In Learning Assistant the individual components are called “Courses” and in Profiler they can also be referred to as “Qualifications”.


Found in Learning Assistant
See "Learning Aim".

Learning programme

Found in Profiler
A term given to the collection of Learning Aims (see above) that a learner must complete to achieve success in their Apprenticeship. The Learning Programme is what learners are enrolled onto. In Profiler this is also referred to as a “Programme Template”.

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How do I send adhoc messages and files to learners?

If the learner requires a copy of the evidence relating to the assessment i.e. observation record, you must send it to the learner via the message centre.

The message centre can also be used for sending adhoc messages and for sending files. For example when a task is Returned or Accepted if you need to send a file you need to do this separately via the message centre as you cannot add attachments during the accept/return process.

Note that messages sent via the message centre are not recorded in the contact diary in Learning Assistant.

  1. To send a message, select the envelope icon next to the learner’s name when in their record.
  2. You must select the recipient and qualification. You also have the option to select the task. Some of these will be pre-filled depending on where you launched the message centre from e.g. within the task. You can then enter the subject, message, add any attachments and send the message.
  3. The message will appear in the learner’s message centre, and if applicable against the specific task.

How do I create contact diary entries?

The contact diary holds a full record of all assessment activity for every learner. This is important as organisations need to have a full audit trail of activity.

A contact diary entry will need to be added for every corresponding message you send to a learner.

  1. To gain access to the contact diary select the Contact Diary tab within the learner’s qualification.
  2. Select the Create Entry button. This will display the Create Diary entry pop up window.
  3. There are a number of labels to choose from, select the appropriate one from the drop down.
  4. Enter the relevant text in the fields and select Create.
  5. If you feel that you have made a mistake, or want to delete an entry you can do that from the Options column.