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What is PIVOT?

Combining 130 years of experience as an awarding body with innovative learning technology

City & Guilds PIVOT gives you the tools, content and expertise to improve efficiency and provide greater engagement and transparency for apprenticeship delivery.



A learner portal that makes sense

PIVOT works on desktop, laptop and tablet devices. If connectivity drops work is auto-saved. Uploading large 'evidence' files is simplicity itself.

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Proving active learner engagement has become a reality

PIVOT delivers frameworks for nationally recognised qualifications and provides a comprehensive set of tools for assessors and verifiers. It stores an audited log of all contact between learner and assessor, so it is easy to show Ofsted that you're using money wisely

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Funding made easy, powerful reports

The PIVOT Management Information System (MIS) is responsible for all user data across the platform. A shared database contains information about every learner, assessor, verifier, employer and administrator. A series of reports make it easy to submit an accurate 'batch' file to the Skills Funding Agency and draw down funds.

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