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Learner Portal

Our clients get a unique ‘look and feel’ by changing a few elements to ‘brand’ their platform

We help you select a striking single image that serves as the background for every part of the learner portal, and define an engaging look and feel that doesn’t get in the way of the content


Putting you in control of your future

Registration and enrollment triggers a welcome email to the learner. This can contain a message of your choice along with their unique username and a temporary password.

On the log in page we usually suggest a short video tutorial that explains how PIVOT works but you might prefer something else – it’s entirely up to you.

There are also quick and easy username reminder and password reset functions.


Clear, simple and easy to use

The homepage acts as the gateway into the system, displaying a personalised welcome message alongside small blocks of content that act as signposts into the most important areas of the site.

You get to choose what appears within these blocks and we help guide you along the way.


Progress at a glance

A visually engaging display of the various courses that make up a qualification or apprenticeship. Learners and assessors quickly see overall progress and any recent messages or tasks that need attention.

A ‘progress bar’ along the top of the screen tells users what percentage of tasks they have submitted or completed, or those that are in progress, not started, returned or overdue.

Learner Front End


A visual ‘map’ of all units and tasks

We use consistent colour coding across the platform to indicate task or activity status – not started, in progress, submitted, returned, overdue or completed. If there is a due date or an unread message, it appears on screen.

The progress bar also acts as a quick filter, click it to display only tasks with a specific status.


Unique pages that you control

All task pages have a uniform layout, but you have complete control of the learning content.

There are many ways to present learning content. You’ll find all the standard resources and activities found within an award-winning LMS, such as links, downloadable documents, e-learning modules and video. Plus some stuff unique to PIVOT.

In the right-hand column you’ll see the (colour-coded) task status . A message block gives context to discussions between learner and assessor.

Learner Front End


Off-the shelf content mapped to standards

PIVOT provides access to off-the-shelf learning and assessment content – covering knowledge, skills and behaviours – for a selected range of apprenticeship standards.

As well as generic apprenticeship induction material (health and safety, equality and diversity, safeguarding and PREVENT, British values), it also contains materials for use across a range of industries.

PIVOT curates course learning materials to create unique and engaging learning experiences – this can also include content hosted on your own systems.


View past and future events

Central to the delivery of any apprenticeship is the diary. This is where learners see details of any reviews – virtual or in person.

This includes things like face-to-face meetings, reviews and webinars. Some of our clients use the diary to prompt users to complete end of course surveys.


Allowing formal and informal conversation

It is absolutely vital that learners and assessors are able to talk to each other. Not only does this help with learning, but it also proves that both sides are actively engaged.

The PIVOT message centre allows formal and informal conversation between learner and assessor(s).


Active learner engagement has become a reality

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